Faith and Liberty Discovery Center 

Created at Local Projects, Opening in 2021




The Faith and Liberty Discovery Center invites visitors of all backgrounds to explore the relationship and role of faith and liberty in fostering core American Bibles values and to discover what these values mean for themselves. Visitors are given smart torches when they walk into this nearly 360 degree spaces. The torch serves as a way-finding light to engage any interactive contents in the museum, all the galleries are responsive wheres visitors can collect specific and customized contents that they are interested in. 

I was response in one of the immersive gallery- Liberty Lights which is a immersive self-exploration space. We invested some R&D time into a new program called Dataton Watchout to build the logic and constraints of the gallery, I went to Berlin in March, 2020 to learn about the program and did lots of prototyping and tests inside Watchout, providing technical direction for each interaction points.

The center is not opened until 2021, please contact for PW to review the video.