Hyde Park Barrack Museum

Character Animation, Technical Direction, Created at Local Projects

Opened in 2020



A UNESCO World Heritage-listed site in the heart of historic Sydney, the Hyde Park Barracks is an extraordinary living record of early colonial Australia. Inside this Convicts Colony gallery, visitors will find a 360 immersive interactive room, it depicts the colonial life in Sydney through a wide range of animation showing the early life of convicts in Australia.

I was the lead motion designer, working closely with another character animator Jae II Son in this gallery, I responsible in characters animation, technical pipelines between motion and development.



Visitors are given an iPhone at the entrance, it serves as an audio book to walk them throughout the entire museum. Instead of traditional museum displays, we have opted for experiential and emotionally-charged exhibits that give visitors an immersive understanding of what life was like for its early residents in Sydney.
The gallery is designed into six zones wheres people can walk freely. People can trigger the animation on the wall by walking closer to the designated zones with an ambient background music and narration on their audio phone. Visitor will have a full experience to listen and see the incredible convicts' stories in Sydney history.


One thing that made this gallery difficult was the dimension and the quantity of the characters, the dimension is over 30,000 pixel and it contains over 200 animated assets, each of the characters are carefully rigged and animated based on the story, background and vegetation were also separated into pieces. Each assets has their own ID and carefully map into the canvas pixels by pixels, we spent over one year to organize, prepare, animate and render.