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Planet Word - A Museum of Words and Language

Created at Local Projects, Opening in 2021

Washington D.C.



Planet Word is an interactive museum to explore the influence of words on the human experience, it requires visitors to explore the site via physical interaction, conversation, and critical thinking to learn about the art of lyrics, poems, public speaking, literature and advertising.

Responsible for the motion design of six galleries, including developing an efficient technical pipeline between design and development. I executed the work for prototyping and production and mentored and intern for production.



Storytables is a digital table that allows visitors to choose their favorite storybooks on the shelf and display them onto the table, once the book sit on the designated area, the animation will protect onto the book automatically, this created an illusion of 3D storybooks. 

I supported the motion concept for prototyping, making sure the animation is appropriate onto the book, towards the end for final installation, I went onsite and adjusted all the projection mapping by Pandora. 



This is a Karaoke room wheres visitors can experience the fun of singing Karaoke but also learning the art of writing lyrics at the same time, people who are not singing can still participate the learning process on the side. I developed the process to execute the media faster, making sure the UI and UX are working in motion and also attract more people to participate this experience.


Word Worlds

Visitors are given smart paint brushes to paint onto the wall and reveal the deeper meaning of each words. Each words can activate different motion, images, sounds effects and setting by the paint brushes. I managed to set up a pipelines between design development and VFX including the right rendering methods, delivery formats, animation decision, and supported the developer to handle all my assets.

Press Release

Planet Word, A New D.C. Museum, Explores The Landscape of Language

Washington Post

The Planet Word Museum breaks ground at the historic Franklin School


At this awesome new museum, the exhibits respond to the sound of your voice

Fast Company

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