Sydney 1848 

Motion Design, Technical Direction

Agency:  Local Projects

Opened in 2020, Sydney



Sydney 1848 is one of the gallery inside Hyde Park Barrack Museum in Sydney, it is designed in a circular interactive panorama, wheres visitors can activate this beautiful watercolor painting, it depicts the significant changes between 1838 and 1848 in Sydney.

I was the lead and only Motion Designer in this gallery, working closely with the developer and designer to build this entire gallery, we would like the visitor to have an in-person experience about the history of Sydney by activating the painting instead of a linear animation.


One of the biggest challenge was to develop a visual path in the painting in order to visualize the changes of the city, because everything is based on history, so it is a key to keep everything precise and accurate. As as result, we have used over 500 of masks in each zones to create a unique way to reveal the watercolor, not only we can maintain the nature of water-coloring, but also leading visitors to follow the story.